Monday, 20 July 2015

A Black Heart in White Hell .. Suicide isn't always the answer?..


So I recently took advantage of Dustin Mills requesting reviewers for his latest "A Black Heart in White Hell" and from the promotional artwork and trailer he is definitely on form still with recent and previous movies in his collection which I will be gradually reviewing all of them as I have them in my collection ...
So this year Mills has released Applecart and now this both of these features are completely different to the usual movies these are visually artistic very monochrome and a wash of block colours for this everything is in black and white which doesn't deviate from the film in the slightest, for what he is trying to achieve with this it couldn't be any different as it wouldn't flow as smoothly as this does..

So the movie starts with a women clearly a wash with hate and fear and wanting to get away from It all takes her own life in the bath, suddenly awaking from her death, she is reliving all her worse fears and hatred and possibly? what happened previously now in hell!!!


She awakes to a completely blank room full of a TV and a sofa, the TV provides us with all we need, with a lot of haunting and quite relentless images streaming murder, visually twisted child birth and a haunting image of a man once in our leads life ?

Dustin definitely has his place in the Indie horror genre, with his Sleaze/gore movies they have been extremely well received by a lot and also there are some fans that haven't been a fan but I for one enjoy his movies definitely, and if you follow him also you see a lot of behind the scenes into the SFX and making of the creatures in his movies ...


Saying this it might not be everyone's cup of tea for a few reasons, there is zero dialogue in this movie, it is all in black and white, but then again for me these are such huge positives in film making if you can successfully make a movie in black and white with no dialogue from the characters and it still draw everyone in to enjoy the feature then he clearly is doing something right ...


Overall the movie is full of gore, full frontal nudity (But Most of Dustin's movies are) some really good special effects that work perfectly for the movie and some Hentai thrown into the mix as well, to be honest I really really didn't want it to be over but I feel any longer and maybe it would have the impact it gives ...

7.5/10 Excellent effects, A wash of gore and a full 30 minutes of perky nipples so everyone's a winner.. Go buy the DVD !!!

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