Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Carnage Collection . Malevolence Short - Slay Bells - Christmas in July you say ?!

The Carnage Collection . Malevolence Short - Slay Bells - Point & Shoot Films (2015)

This is the first completed segment for The Carnage Collection looking to be filled with comedic / horror and from what I've heard a lot of gore, so firstly we have "Slay Bells". A 4 1/2 minute long short celebrating the Christmas cheer in the middle of the year .....

For a simple but extremely effective short in the tradition of your Puppet Master movies, it features some fun visuals and a lot of atmospheric songs/ effects that give you a lot for your punch in this cheeky little short, the Point & Shoot team clearly know what they are doing behind a camera and what audience they are trying to pull in even though this from what I have been told by them it is more of a comedic route but you know how they are getting the word across with the rest of the collection ..

It was well worth the 4 1/2 minutes long simple story, simple ideas and the message was pretty much really effective and if your not laughing at this then you clearly haven't got a sense of humour, casting was perfect and well "mean ole Saint Nick" stole the show ....

What more could you ask for in a short, blood, VHS Player rental to watch Pain shack check on both items, definitely looking forward to the finished product and what the future has for the Point & Shoot team


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