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Interview with Brian Paulin ... This guy will ruin your date night if you show up with anything in your hand of his ....

Brian Paulin, wow its a pleasure to have interview the guy over the years its release after release sickness after sickness with some outstanding effects its a pleasure to have him ....

Matt : So I can imagine I could be wrong u didn't always want to be a filmmaker do u have stories you like to share that has got you to where you are now filmmaking?

Brian: I started making movies just for fun. My obsession for horror films got to the point where watching was no longer enough. I had to take part some how. It was just a few of us horror fans with a video camera running around in the woods, and it gave me an excuse to create make-up effects. Over the years we started to gain exposure and distributors noticed and picked up our movies and eventually made it into large retail stores. This pissed off a lot of Hollywood veterans! I started receiving hate mail saying I had no business being in stores while professional filmmakers had 35mm films collecting dust in their closets. I found that amusing.

Matt: What's the inspiration for your work because it is quite, can I say, Nordic in themes ?

Brian: If there is a Nordic feel, that might be from my black metal side. I have been playing for years. Hopefully I will get a cd recorded some day. There is definitely a black metal influence in At Dawn They Sleep. Since then though more traditional horror has been inspiring me. Classic horror films with heavy atmosphere. Even the mood and feeling you get here in New England in October around Halloween. I enjoy trying to recreate that atmosphere.

Matt: You are known for the extreme gore and images in your movies what has the reception been like over the years and festivals that you have been to in the past is it all good or some bad ?

Brian: The reception to our gore has been great! It is what got us noticed. Once Bone Sickness was picked up by Unearthed Films, people wanted to know why this movie was along side notorious gore films like Aftermath and the Guinea Pig series. I do put a lot of effort into the stories of my movies, but I know it’s the gore that is the real star of our films. Bone Sickness head lined the Rhode Island Horror Film Festival in 2007 and the reactions from the audience was awesome. The rest of the films were basically short student films with no effects. So I don’t think the audience was expecting the gore we delivered. Especially once Rich George started shitting and vomiting worms all over the place! The stuff we did in Fetus has made that one our best seller. Some reactions to Fetus have been odd. I’ve had people tell me that it is too grim and not fun to watch. It makes me smile!

Matt: What for you have been your standout movies for 2015 in the community ?

Brian : American Guinea Pig has been by far the best underground horror film I have seen from this year! It was great to see a movie like that again. I haven’t had the chance to see much else yet.

Matt: Are there people whom you look up to as a director ?

Brian: John Carpenter is my favorite director. I love his style and the atmosphere and dread he creates in his films. Tom Savini’s work is the entire reason I do what I do now. His amazing creations is what made me want to learn how to do special make-up effects. H.P. Lovecraft and H.R Giger are also major influences on my work.

Matt: Cryptic Plasm what's the story with it .....

Brian: Cryptic Plasm came together after I had made a few short fake paranormal videos with Joseph Olson to make extra money from a website that bought video material for companies. I decided not to sell the videos and created the story that became Cryptic Plasm, which included two of the videos I shot. The plot involves a guy who explores unexplained mysteries and the core story is about a small town who’s entire population mysteriously vanished. The movie has many Lovecraftian elements and I think it might be the best movie I have made so far. Unfortunately it is also the first time we have been unable to release a movie once it was finished due to finances. We are working on it and are very close to finally releasing it. The waiting for the DVD release has been killing me. I want people to be able to see it!

Matt: I noticed that you were approached for the Gore shorts compilation recently with Yan Kaos what was that like ?

Brian: Yan asked me if I would like to take part and I thought it would be a cool thing to do. Unfortunately I did not have time to film something new for it so I gave him a sequence from Cryptic Plasm. Since the scene is about an exorcism I called the sequence The Possession. Hopefully that won’t confuse people, thinking it’s a spin off or short sequel to Cryptic.

Matt: What's for the future ?

Brian: Trying to stay in business!! Man the last year and a half has been rough. Even though I finished Cryptic Plasm and filmed a new movie called Morbid Tales, which is an anthology of our very first short films from the early 90’s, this has been a very difficult time for Morbid Vision Films. But we are still pushing forward and refuse to let this die! I plan on re-releasing some of our older movies after Cryptic comes out and I might film some smaller stuff before I begin my next big movie. If all goes well there should be a few new dvd releases from us over the next 12 months.

Everyone if you haven't got any of Brian's movies or just watched them show the guy some love believe me after speaking to the guy he will appreciate it like you wouldn't believe ....

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