Saturday, 25 July 2015

Interview with Jochen Stephan the guy that fit perfectly into the German Splatter Genre with Blutnacht Series...

I am Happy to have Jochen Stephan now in the interview chair this guy single handily made his way into the German Splatter movie with his Swan Song "Blutnacht & Blutnacht 2"

Matt : Where did u start with wanting to make Blutnacht movies ?

Jochen: in the year 1998 was my first thinking in my head to make a splattermovie!,and mine appeal is butcher and I have taken from the work always blood from pig and innards for the shooting days

Matt: Where did all the inspiration come to make your movies and do u have funny stories that got u to where you are today in filmmaking ?

Jochen: The inspiration was movies from Olaf Ittenbach and Andreas Schnaas and i make today no movies because i have problems in Germany with police with my both movies :(

Matt: Jochen don't suppose you would like u elaborate with the police and your movies ?

Jochen: the police searching my house because the violence of my movies and banned all copies from the movies and everything what with mine film deals! Clothes, screenplay...

Matt: Do u look up to many directors ?

Jochen: my favorite directors are Olaf Ittenbach,Andreas Schnaas,Nathan H. Schiff and many more

Matt: Your movie collection is out of this world how long did I take u to make it all ?

Jochen: Hahaha, i collected 20 years intensive Horror- and Splatter movies and i have 4000 Movies and many rare movies!

Matt: So after making blutnacht you solidly put yourself with the rest of the German directors in the splatter genre how did that feel ?

Jochen: it is very good the contact with other German directors! I have many if it makes friends films make! unfortunately, I cannot make any more

Matt: What have been your best movies uve watched this year?

Jochen: i think it was "Carcinoma"

Matt: How was the initial reaction to your movies ?

Jochen: the reaction of the police was bad (joke)! The reaction of the amateur fans was very positive! the fans want absolutely part 3! But the people the only mainstream find looking my films badly and abnormal!

Matt: Well any funny stories whilst you were filmmaking ?

Jochen: Yes! The police was of in the location! This was always amusing!

Matt: What does the future hold for you Jochen?

Jochen:  I will and remain a big(great) horror fan and my collection becomes bigger! unfortunately, I can make no more great splatter movies....

It was really fun catching you Jochen and hopefully you collection will carry on growing ....

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