Monday, 20 July 2015

Thresher ... 2015 Short (Not always greener on the other side)

So next we have an extremely well made and glorified classic horror short from Mike Diva , he takes you directly into the womb of Lovecraft and Barker with this terrifyingly creepy 8 Minute mind fuck of a masterpiece that recently was submitting into various short festivals and has been getting the interest of many directors to create into a full feature, it was originally shot for Guillermo Del Toro & Legendary pictures "House of Horrors" competition....


It literally feels like your walking into the mind of someone who's currently having some vivid but creepy dreams, the scene is set, meet guy (we shall call him Lionel) from what it looks like he is having a relaxing evening wandering around a room soaking up all the atmosphere putting on some classical music to relax his mind, but what we don't know his that he is trapped inside this room with a number of locks on the door and he's been in there for who knows but has a booklet full of combinations that he's used to get out of the room, but why ? ...


He has been successful in opening many locks but from what we come to find out he is frantically wanting to get out of the room because there's something inside lurking in the darkness, is he having a nightmare a bad dream who knows ......


This short is so impressive the levels of workmanship and skill and effects that are laid out to be seen are so skilful and are crammed into such a small 8 minute (7.41 window) leave you thinking Jesus what did I just literally watch there, this for what it is and has been submitted for the House of Horrors competition I wont give anything away at all but what I will say is that you really need to watch this in total for the full 7.41 ..... I will leave you with that

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