Saturday, 25 July 2015

Interview with the candid and honest and humorous John Sleazyscarese Miller (Amerikan Holokaust & $kumbagz)

Probably one of the most hilarious and candid interview I have done in the series with the main man from Florida John Miller of Amerikan Holokaust and $kumbagz fame enjoy as I definitely did ....

Matt : Everyone has stories of there life before filmmaking that got them to where they are today care to tell us some tales?

JM: I had sort of weird life growing up. When I was little kid I used to get all the girls...They'd bring me candy and money and shit. My mom would get me the coolest haircuts and nice sneakers. I was way ahead of my time. Then puberty hit...Bad skin, got really tall and awkward and then all the hanger-ons were gone and I sort of became a social misfit. It was pretty lonely but I embraced it. I'd spend all day drawing in class and since nobody would talk to me I'd get lost in my imagination writing stories and stuff. Eventually I started playing basketball with the teenagers in my neighborhood which led me to hanging out at the park all day. I learned a lot about life out there cause everybody was pimping and dealing drugs. These dudes were real OG types, ex-cons, street dudes. My relatives were all pretty deep in the streets too but they kept me away from all that so I learned it elsewhere. This is sort of a light outline of things but I say all of that to get to this...Making movies was always my dream. So when I create art and some soft ass motherfucker tries to lecture me about shock value I want to smack their teeth out. The stuff I write about, the characters I create...Those are people I knew and their colorfulness lives on through my movies. That feeling of hopelessness and despair I put on screen is real cause I lived that shit. Abrasiveness ain't a gimmick its who I am...And there's no amount of film school that can compensate for life experiences.

Matt : Your a big legend out in Florida putting out a lot of classics of varied genres is there any inspiration in your work ?

JM: Making a movie in and of itself makes you a special motherfucker. Not everyone gets a chance to do this...And not everyone has success. Not that I'm overly successful but to get as far as I've gotten is my inspiration to keep going.

Matt: Have you had in your job people who inspired you or look up to ?

JM: Not really. I'm going to sound like a dick but at some point you have to make a decision. Do you want to be a star struck watching everyone else live or do you want to be the baddest dude in the room? That mentality might not be for everybody...but it works for me. Not being a basic motherfucker, a kiss ass, a team player, an employee of the month, a Mr. Nice Guy, a captain save a hoe or a hack is what inspires me.

Matt: What have been your favourite movies so far currently of 2015 ?

JM: Tantrum!!!

Matt: Other than filmmaking do you have any interesting pastimes?

JM:  I have an obsession with starting businesses. Filmmaking is cool but you have to have more then one hustle in life. At this point in my life having a hobby or interest sounds like a slow death. I just want to invest, have product to flip and promote harder then ten men.

Matt: Any good stories from on set in the past ? Hated actors directors etc ....

JM: Actually everyone has always been really cool on set. I remember the family atmosphere we had on the set of Amerikan Holokaust. In particular the night we filmed Bob Glazier fucking the guts. At the time none of us had really done anything like that so when Bob pulled his dick out and fucked the guts everyone was just sort of looking around like damn that was crazy. It got even better when he continued to walk around naked, popping out behind corners and flashing people. That was an awesome night. Pretty much the entire $kumbagz production was a party. That infamous party scene that seems to divide audiences was by far the funniest time I've ever had on set. After being told no by every strip club in the city of Tampa I finally booked a place. On the Sunday morning we were set to shoot the club manager flaked and didn't show. I almost cancelled the shoot but thankfully one of the actors had an uncle who lived down the street and was more then gracious to host some dancers at his place. It worked out for the best because we basically through a party, got drunk, got high and got lap dances for a couple of hours. Filmmaking is kind of like going out drinking...You never know exactly were it's going to lead you until it happens.

Matt: What does the future hold john ?

JM: Smoking weed on a mountain top somewhere in the Caribbean overlooking the ocean. I might not become a mogul making movies but I'm going to get there someday doing something. In the meantime I have a movie I'm working on called Chunky Sunday. I don't want to give to much away but I like were it's heading so far.

John was probably the most entertainment you will probably get in a interview without a shadow of a doubt catch his movies .....

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