Monday, 20 July 2015

BLEADING LADY (2010): Review…Heads Roll…Well, Get Slashed, Gutted, and Stabbed!


Star Vehicle AKA Bleading Lady
Ryan Nicholson 2010 ..
Spoiler Alert .
The skinny, aging, retiring, movie buff and driver for the Stars, Don (Dan Ellis), is looking to make one last horror movie. He’s a man on the edge and when his buttons are pressed heads roll, well get slashed, gutted, stabbed many a times …
Setting the scene is Luke, a young upstart director enlists Don for his services for his upcoming Movie with Starlet (Riversa Red). Don gladly accepts and things work out perfectly for the both, until Don’s Services overstep the bar when a job turns into an obsession. After his lucky roll of the dice ends him getting kicked off the job he takes matters into his own hands and things start heating up with him and the BLEADING LADY … A climax only Ryan Nicholson could do filled with Sexploitation, gore and an unforgettable scene that would make a nun blush.


An Indie Horror movie from Ryan Nicholson (Gutterballs/ Hanger Fame) he is paving his way through the industry and making a rather gory name for himself. The Male lead (Dan Ellis) steals the show, the mannerisms, dark humour and overtones of a satirical black comedy are commending as it makes for a brilliant viewing with the movie’s run time just over 1hr (75 Minutes). There’s a lot to be had within it and, it would appeal to gore, exploitation and horror fans, with a perfect soundtrack playing throughout the movie it made for a classic 80s grindhouse feel.

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