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Slasher Weekend - 2015 - Sleazebox Slasher in the Woods ....

Slasher Weekend

Slasher Weekend 2015 - Sleazebox Releasing
Directed by Joel D. Wynkoop

Everyone in the Indie Scene should really be aware of Joel D. Wynkoop and his movies, these are a thing of beauty for the Indie Horror / Exploitation community over the years he has put out some beauties, yes people scream these have zero budget and are pretty wooden but true fans of the genre go past all of these like myself ...

The Sleazebox released or featured movies a lot are SOV and this puts of a lot of people but if you actually watch the movies they are pretty impressive with a lot of fun and action and gore in them and this definitely features all of the above, and currently Shot on Video movies are making a huge comeback to the scene with a lot of movies being released made to look like old skool grindhouse classics just like straight from the 70s drive in cinema releases, this is no exception it has got a perfect old skool feel about it one of the perfect sleazy slasher in the woods horrors from back in the day like Friday 13th / Trapped / etc.

Sleazebox themselves have been throwing out releases recently none stop and pretty much there hasn't been a movie that hasn't been in everyone's collection, with Slasher Weekend it is another essential release that will be in each and every collection this time they focus on the In the Woods / Campfire Tales slasher genre (if there was one) ...

The story is quite cliché but still full of action / gore and a whole lot of sleaze and you wouldn't be able to put it with anything else currently out or produced at the moment these are in a total genre of there own, they are not to everyone's tastes but it doesn't stop them from being made they churn these movies out like they are nobodies business, and they have a massive community of fans (like myself) that give them the support constantly so that they know the product is doing perfectly, yes the acting isn't 100% perfect and yes this movie does have a few draw backs (the kills although there is a good count 13 in total are all identical but that's the only issue in my eyes).

The ending tbh fell a little flat they deviated from the whole slasher in the woods idea no idea if Joel ran into problems, with a few other bits and pieces spoiling it as the movie was actually getting quite good but then it got spoiled directly at the end I don't know if there was any issues but it kinda spoiled it in my eyes but overall the movie as a whole was really good for another Sleazebox release fitting for the collection and a good addition to the Horror / Slasher / Sleaze genre ....


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