Monday, 20 July 2015

Ravage ... So u want a kick in the balls this is the movie !!!

Ravage (1997 85 Minutes released by Sub Rosa) Ronnie Sortor Movie .
Well theres not a lot to say about this movie really its pretty much a tourdeforce on the senses a lot maybe put off by the SOV route as it does to many but go past that this is a diamond in the rough ...


Story and plot are pretty thin but its one of those movies and now you are reading me put this like The Raid, Berandal (The Raid 2) that there doesn't need to be the most amazing story to pull you in I know why this movie drawn me in was because the all out action from start to finish, and its one of the style of movies I love, rubbish plot but the action speaks paragraphs !!! it can write its own screenplay with squibs and Roundhouse kicks ....


Although with that saying, it is your usual revenge story really, Family man sees his family slain so goes on a all out rampage fuelled with hate to stop the killer at once and nothing or no-one will stand in his way ..
There is literally zero budget but that doesn't even make a difference really with the movie It would look stupid with a larger budget filmed more crisp and clean, basically it got the perfect release from Sub-Rosa with the SOV route couldn't of asked for a better movie, proper exploitation revenge fuelled movie with squibs, head explosions, people jumping out of moving cars pure brilliance in this Indie thriller/Horror movie


Ronnie Sortor produced Sinistre a year previous which is on the watch list also and Flowers (2015 Phil Stevens Movie) which also is on the pile so although a short list of movies in his arsenal they all have been made with skill and technicality not many flaws at all will hope to see more from him since flowers is pretty much one of the most sought after Indie Horror movies of 2015 ..
Overall a Friday night basher with the guys and a shed load of beer, Chicken wings and Pork Scratchings , peep it I will be rewatching it tonight and if u don't to be honest your doing yourself injustice ...

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