Sunday, 26 July 2015

Interview with Eigh8t the Chosen One / Frank Pickarelli - The Man behind the Mask & the Music ....

This time around we have the guy playing on everyone's stereo, being feed into your ears and playing the skin peeler in American Guinea Pig Bouquet of Guts & Gore Eigh8t the Chosen one / Frank Pickarelli ....


Matt: Well then a lot of people clearly don't fall into the path you have set out for yourself and don't end up where they are now do u have any stories on your past and how its got you to where u are today ?

FP: I sure do, I could right a book about it. A lot of my lessons came the hard way growing up due to me being an idiot and always looking for trouble. Stealing, fighting, in & out of JDC, facing 7 years in prison, blah blah blah. And like most of us who went down the wrong path over & over again, I'm just happy to still be alive. I got a ton of stories I could throw your way but as far as one that got me where I am right now. I would have to say music. Once I started rhyming over instrumentals & recording (tracks you'll NEVER hear btw) it sucked me in. I spent so much time in my room just rehearsing & reconstructing songs. I was something horrible back then, and not in a good way lol. But all those years I was refining my skills whether I knew it or not. All those days and nights alone with the music kept out of the street just enough to still be here I think.

Matt: New album is out now, people are raving about it in the past you have had the odd occasional shall I say "different tracks" where's the inspiration come from for the latest ?

FB: My new album Hate On was never supposed to be an album actually. I was working hard on getting my next album My Empire started when I realized I had a few songs left over from a project that deserved to be heard. So, I said fuck it! I'll make an EP of 4 or 5 songs to just hold fans over. Easier said than done though... Once I got in the studio that little creative bug got to eating away at me. At that time I was pissed off about people not knowing how much money & time I put into my music, Mad at the amount of hate I get on the boards, upset with people in my old circle that let me down and did not keep their word. I just had so much shit I wanted to address you know? This EP quickly grew into an album. I took so much heat for rapping with bigger names in the industry on my last album The Rap Apocalypse so on this one I wanted to work with some of the sickest, most deadly, venom spitting MCs of the underground.

Matt: What's the man like without the mask ?

FB: The man without the mask is soft spoken but full of passion & drive. If the man behind the mask were to ever meet the man in the mask they would agree on a lot of things but I don't think they could stand to be around each other if that makes any sense.

Matt: With your latest starring role in American Guinea pig Bouquet of guts and gore you pretty much stole the movie what was it like from music to movies ?

FB: lol I don't believe I stole the movie. I will say, YES, Stephen Biro definitely made me the face of BOGAG but everyone in the community knows who the real star is, and that's Marcus Koch! As far as the transition from music to acting... For me, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Once I started trying to remember lines without a beat or rhyme patterns my respect went WAY the fuck up. I was confident about myself behind the mask but bringing "The Actor" to life... Well, a lot of hard work went into that.

Matt: Who are the weirdest music or movie fans ?

FB: Well, none yet really. I mean sure, I get a lot of weird people who send me messages but I like weird. It makes it interesting. Also, I'm a huge horror fan myself so when people need me to sign body parts or knifes it's the norm to me.

Matt: As well you have a YouTube channel, and I'm a subscriber and they are always different any heat in the past or comments u want to share?

FB: I'll just be completely honest and say I have no clue where I'm going with my YouTube channel. I never had a clue either. I just loved horror movies and entertaining. Plus, I take pride in giving the community a little kick in the ass here & there. Not starting shit or anything but I just like making it fun. Because honestly, what the hell is the point if your not enjoying making these videos? I see so many people that treat it like a job. How sad is that? They work a full time job only to come home and work another one.

Matt: What is the easiest for you the stage or behind the camera ?

FB: Depends on who's holding the camera! All jokes aside though, I always put pressure on myself either way. I find the camera more challenging and that's why I am going in that direction now.

Matt: Finally what is the future for you on both paths any collaborations you can share and I've heard you are already in your next movie anymore lined up ?

FB: My future is natural bodybuilding and acting. I fell in love with getting inside the mind of "The Actor" for American Guinea Pig. Anyone who knows me knows, if I have a passion it's no longer a choice. I will be in a film from Cult Movie Mania called Bigfoot Mob Boss coming soon. And there are few more in the works with very talented directors I can't wait to get on set with. My last album will be out late 2015 titled "My Empire". It is my heart on a plate to the fans...

Thank you & Stay up Matt...

Was a pleasure to interview 2015 probably most recognised actor/musician/icon in the Indie Horror Community hopefully it will be an enjoyable read for everyone not just myself.....

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