Monday, 20 July 2015

DIE DIE DELTA PI (2013): Review…Rush Week Can Be A Killer!

Die Die Delta Pi is one of the movies brought to us by Gatorblade films, directed by Sean Donohue and starring Krystal Pixie Adams, Andrea Alfonso,Bob Glazer.

This, unlike the aforementioned above 2 movies, is a straight up ’80s style slasher movie in the vein of the classics like Sleepaway Camp, Rush Week, Girls Night Out, and Student Bodies. That should give you a picture of what I mean; however, Die Die Delta Pi has more of a stylized feel to it than the other movies.  Though this has a different feel than the typical Sleazebox movies that are on offer, which are more dark and grindhouse/exploitation…done correctly might I add.


We start at Pledge week in 1986, a big Florida tradition and everyone is preparing for a pledge night Delta Pi Party to celebrate spring break, which has a ceremonial burning of the house mother dummy…but the party goes sour when there is a fatal incident with one of the new sisters, and one the latest pledge victims gets a little toasty. All the sisters scatter and one of the brothers of Delta Pi swears he will look for help; upon returning he finds all his friends dead in various ways: throats slit, stabbed, faces disfigured…do they have a serial killer on their hands, or is there something else more sinister hiding in the sorority….?


Jump forward 27 years; some of the sisters have moved on that survived that night, some have been institutionalized…but the Delta Pi house is re-opened again with new rushes and new sisters. Will the curse of the house live on? Will there be more deaths from the serial killer or has someone come back from that night 27 years ago to slay more teens in this homage to the 80s slasher movies …?
Sean Donohue and the Gatorblade team did amazingly with this movie to make it pretty much a near-on perfect slasher movie. It pays tribute to the ’80s classics that we all grew up loving to enjoy, from the production team, the cast, the special effects and the killings (of which some are quite inventive). The soundtrack is great as well, trying to imitate a ’80s slasher movie in the 2000’s.  Where other recently so called “throwback slashers movies” fail, this is an exception. Clearly a lot of time and love of the genre has been put into this movie. It could have ended up a flop like other smaller budget movies in this style… Cheerleader Massacre anyone?


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