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Interview with Adrian L.W Films Director of "Who Watched Them Die"

This interview is with Adrian from L.W Films " Who Watched Them Die" he is an extremely young but amazingly humble new director ...

Matt : So Adrian everyone has funny stories of how they got to where they are today making movies do you have any to share?

A.B : I didn't intend to work on film or "act" let alone "direct." Nothing really intrigued me about it. I grew up watching old school films on VHS, kind of watching them with my mom and great grandpa. I didn't know anything more to films besides, "that's something not real on TV." However, as i got older I'd go to various video stores and not really rent movies, but check out the more gory, horror VHS and DVD cases. Then it moved on to watching them and so on.
Matt: Who watched them die is now out and your getting reviews, in and comments how are you feeling with the reception its received?

A.B: I like it, for something that was done for roughly $50 and actors that agreed to help me out, it humbles me that people actually like it. hearing people like Stephen Biro and Websites say they dug it... kinda makes me want to go back and check if what i sent was correct, and makes me want to do more. However, I have to stop myself and think through everything to give something that 1. i want to see and dig and 2. that people will have fun with.

Matt: How did u come up with the idea for Who watched them die ? Or did u just want it out there for the Snuff anthology?

A.B: It actually has no involvement with Snuff: The Anthology, The idea was written as one of the many, many scripts that i have written (completed and not) it was one that seemed more do-able. Although, it was once a 1-2 min half page guideline, project that was changed to a 9 page script that honestly wouldn't have been molded without the add on of actors and actresses and the pushing of my buddy to do more.

However, Snuff: The Anthology is a project by my buddy Shane Ryan who through an idea out and brought me along for help. As for that I have no plans as of now to do a short for that.
Matt: Do u have any inspirational people in your life that have guided to what u want to make or where you are today that u maybe look up to ?

A.B.: family wise yes, my great grandpa was a gore hound, shockingly. I honestly remember him being shocked and amazed about how gory films were and he would brag about it and look at it how i did, more at the "how is it done" more then "how graphic it was." Which then had me looking at movies differently. Also, a cousin of mine, we were always talking and showing each other new films. so that spawned me having to look for more films.

as for Inspiration from filmmakers there's a ton. Not really filmmakers that have made some of my favorite, but more so films I like made by people that just picked up a camera and did something unique. Naming a few as in a thank you (rather than tossing names) Ryan Nicholson, Ron DeCaro, James Bell, Marian Dora to name a few. Also, Shane Ryan for letting me help at his screening if it wasn't for that i wouldn't have been no where near filming or in it as much as i am, probably wouldn't be randomly placed in some films as well.

Matt: What have been your standout films of 2015 ? 
A.B: American Guinea Pig, Headless I haven't seen to many that actually came out in 2015 but movies that i have seen in 2015 (but may have came out earlier) Metamorfosia, My Name Is "A" by Anonymous, Monstrosity... to name a few. Waiting for more to add to the 2015 list.
Matt: Everyone says you have a good collection of all out sick movies what has been the worst movie u seen that has made u go bugger me ?
A.B.:Lately the ending of AGP had me peaking through my hands, but I get intrigued when things go nuts. However, I don't watch things meant for pure shock value to my standards. So, nothing lately or what I can think of has really made me be like "no I can't watch this!" 
Matt: And what does the future hold ? 
A.B: I have 1 short that has to be done and out by Oct. called "Devotion." It has been put on hold for a while due to my buddy having to move, but he is coming back to finish, so I hope to present that to the lovely campaign donators who were happy and supportive enough to give me some help on something that was a idea. I also finished a script that I'm happy with and I hope to finish "Devotion" and go straight into that one. 

Hopefully, More films I don't want to throw out stuff back to back I really want to work and give something to be proud of. "Acting" more maybe, I have no idea.
Yet again I cannot thank Adrian enough everyone find "Who Watched Them Die" and also look out for his VHS / DVD Limited Edition Label Lost Witch Releasing ...
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