Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Interview with Sean Weathers (They All Must Die, The Fappening)

This time would like to highlight Sean Weathers the director and actor of such movies as "They all must die" Scumbag hustler & The Fappening....

Matt: So with a short lived career, touching on a lot of subjects and movies getting banned , do u have many stories to where you have got to today?

Sean: Yes

Matt: One of your earliest "They all must die" was banned in many states for a loooong time what actually happened?

Sean: Ignorance. I wanted to make a film that looked real and when you do a rape film that looks real and you add the racial element of a white woman being assaulted by black men in the ghetto in the late 90s, that makes things even more taboo and dangerous. Throw in the fact that the lead actress was nowhere to be found after doing your movie and yeah looking back at it I can see why it wasn’t the smartest career choice.

Matt: You definitely don't shy away from subjects in your movies where does the inspiration come from with such titles as "The Fappening" Scumbag Hustler ....

Sean: In general my ideas come from current pop culture and other films. In regards to “The Fappening” it’s based on the 2014 celebrity cell phone hack of the same name, in which a ton of naked photos and videos of famous women were leaked online. With “Scumbag Hustler” my film partner Aswad Issa and myself saw an HBO documentary about some crackheads and in it they would pull scams on people to get money for drugs. We thought it would be a great idea for him to film me on the same streets of Manhattan doing the same thing and shooting it very guerrilla style.

Matt: Is it more harder or easier to make the movies you do today or when you first started doing no budget movies?

Sean: It’s always harder because you’re always raising your expectations.

Matt : What have been your standout movies of 2015 so far?

Sean: It’s early to say because “The Fappening” and “Vault of Terror II: The Undead” don’t come out on DVD until August 25th and “Bill Huckstabelle: Serial Rapist” won’t be on DVD until Halloween and I have high expectations for all of those films. Of the 2 that are out “Mandingo Sex Addict” has out performed “Ace Jackson is a Dead Man.” It’s currently my number 1 selling film on DVD and On Demand. By the way, all of these films, even the ones not on DVD are available On Demand right now! https://vimeo.com/seanweathers/vod_pages

Matt: You have directed and acted in some of your own movies what do u prefer?

Sean: Long term there’s more money in acting because you can do more films, however I’m a filmmaker period, I act because on this level you do any and everything you’re capable of.

Matt : You started directing at such a young age 16 where did u come up with he ideas at that age to direct some of your best work to date ...

Sean : My filmmaking partner Aswad Issa was a big help to me then and now.

Matt : What does the future hold ?

Sean: More of a focus on the horror genre. Thanks so much Matt! And thanks to all of your readers, for more on my films and myself go to http://fullcirclefilmworks.com/ peace out bitches!

Would of course like to thank Sean for spending the take to take the interview and pass it out to the fans of his work and if you don't know him, get to know .....

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