Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Who Watched them Die .... (L.W.Films) Exploitation for 2015 ...

A Short from Norrin LeBeau & L.W Films

This has been something I've wanted to watch now for a little while upon hearing about it being put forward for the "SNUFF Anthology" . It literally jumps into the action within the first few images of the short running at a little over 7 minutes this is something that I know ill enjoy...

It has so much going for It compressed into those 7.37 minutes that definitely make it a worthy short for gore lovers tastes, the music is extremely dark and depressing songs have been played in reverse giving you that haunting effect. The short itself is a pretty impressive effort from Norrin and L.W films it fits perfectly into the 90s styled exploitation movies of yesteryear, the kills are really fresh and pretty realistic, the whole feeling of the movie gives you that Last house of the Left kind of feeling about it.

A perfect stalk and slash short really worthy of a watch for tastes and I don't know if it was just me but the music kind of gave it a satanic twist to the whole idea, don't know if this is what it was meant but worked to a tee...

The skinny .. two victims and 3 masked men who video there exploits ..... WHO WATCHED THEM DIE... is a perfect title for the short summed it up perfectly

Overall a impressive short that has been put forward for Shane Ryans SNUFF Anthology, looking forward to seeing what the guys can make in the future.


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