Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Interview with Guy (Rope Maiden) He's gonna blow the instructional video genre by storm....

This was a interview I personally was looking forward to and definitely wasn't disappointed if you don't know him you will after this ....

Matt: Guy what can I really say about Rope maiden where did the inspiration come from ?

Guy : The Rope Maiden is about a man who made a how-to snuff film, that got found by a foreign company, who then inserted their own product placement adverts, to cash in on his murder.
Besides the obvious inspirations, which are the films it makes fun of, it was a way to get my goofy sense of humour out whilst still appealing to the gore-hound audience. It was also one of the only ways I could have a dialogue heavy film without any other actors.

Matt: A lot of people have crazy stories of there background that had lead them to today and there work would you care to share ?

Guy: I got given a copy of Der Struwwelpeter when I was 6 and it all went uphill from there. I’m now working my dream job and have that book to thank for all that I am today.

Matt : Your famous for Rope maiden and your love of Japanese cinema and black metal is there anything else that makes guy tick that I haven't included ?

Guy: No ..

Matt: So everyone in there life as a filmmaker has shorts/embarrassing college videos they made when they were younger as a practice do have any you will share with us ?...

Guy: I shot a zombie film when I was 14 in between lessons at school. Everyone got sent home because being covered in blood wasn’t Christian enough for our school - I didn’t film anymore after that.

Matt : Since your from the lovely sunny isles of United Kingdom like myself what do u do in your spare time any pastimes whilst your not making movies?

Guy: I’m creative but have no real skill. So I’ll make music or paint or write something. Then realise what I’ve created is awful, so I go drinking or skate with friends instead.

Matt: Do you have any inspiration or idols in the industry and why?

Guy: Shozin Fukui & Andrzej Zulawski. Neurotic women is my favourite sub-genre and these gentlemen are the masters of capturing the finest mental breakdown, then manifesting that into an external entity which brings overall peace - It’s a lovely thing. Then Jan Svankmajer as I grew up watching a making stop motion movies and he’s basically the adult version to what I loved as a kid. These guys don’t inspire me to make movies, as much as they make me want to run as far away from a camera as possible.

Matt : What have been your current favourite movies of 2015 ?

Guy: I haven’t watched many films released this year. I recently received Black Mass - VG4 & American Guinea Pig. Both were fine but I’m at the point where I’m not longer impressed by gore alone. Before I made The Rope Maiden I said Flowers of Flesh and Blood was fine for the 80’s, but no one would stand for that now, which is why I made a snuff-comedy. After watching AGP, I stand by what I said. Zulawski’s first film in 15 years ‘Cosmos’, comes out soon, I’m looking forward to that!

Matt: Finally its on everyone's tongue what is in the future, maybe a sequel or follow up to Rope maiden ?

Guy: I’ve finished the first draft for a sequel. It’s nothing to do with Rope but is the next how-to video in Guy’s home movies

Was such a pleasure to speak to Guy and if you haven't yet to see his work then contact him and get a copy asap ....

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