Saturday, 25 July 2015

Interview with Ryan Vincent Logsdon of AGONi 2015 ..

Now we have Ryan Vincent Logsdon who directed the 2015 feature AGONi, welcome to Matts Rotten reviews like I said to Alex & Marissa this is something completely new but wanted to give a new edge to my blog so here we go ...

Matt: So then being a first time director of the movie AGONi where did the inspiration come for the movie ?

RVL: The inspiration came from seeing The Poughkeepsie Tapes (I was fascinated by the victim's relationship with her abductor) and from August Underground's Penance (which is the greatest POV film ever made, imo). Also, it was inspired by my first trip to Cinema Wasteland. Essentially this is my love letter to underground horror and extreme cinema.

Matt: You recently attented Slaughter in syracruse and I heard you had a good reception what was the experience like ?

RVL: The experience was awe-inducing! The reaction was unreal, all the love and respect shown to me and the artists who shared the stage at Slaughter In Syracuse was heartfelt and truly moving. The family-like atmosphere surrounded by some of the sickest visual assaults witnessed on the big screen was a combination that lead to a warm and positive experience.

Matt: Tell me about your background ....

RVL: My background is in education, retail/customer service, musical promotion and in various writing endeavours. I'm from North Jersey but have lived in NEPA most of my life. My small production company, AGONiiNK, is currently located in NEPA.

Matt: Currently over the past year 2014/2015 what have been your favourite Independent released movies ?

RVL: So many movies to pick from so I'll just say HUNTERS and AMERICAN GUINEA PIG but there is so much content out there it's hard to only name a few

Matt: Other than AGONi most directors/filmmakers have made some sort of shorts etc previously is this the case with yourself Ryan?

RVL: I have never directed anything before my debut feature AGONi. AGONi was a project sparked by passion, fuelled by a personal medical emergency and delivered to friends and family. My writings have been published in literary magazines and my reviews have been featured in websites.

Matt: Any movies your currently excited to have released for 2015?

RVL: 2015 was a strong year for independent horror but I'm really looking forward to Dave Parker's Slimy Little Bastards, Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep, The Black Sect, In Memory of, and, of course, Massacre Video's release of Hunters

Matt: What's for the future ......

RVL: The future is wide open. I'm currently developing a script for a shot on film movie that will be made with some close friends but people have been asking for a sequel to AGONi so I have that in development too.

Yet again Ryan I cannot thank you enough for spending time answering my questions and I hope you have enjoyed the interview as much as I did :)

AGONi on facebook .

Ryan Vincent Logsdon AGONi

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