Monday, 20 July 2015

Pain shack (RoughCut) - Enter the Mind of Ricky Shore ....


Pain Shack (2015)
Alex Murphy & Marissa Murphy
I checked out the rough cut of Pain Shack, which is 10 minutes longer than the DVD released with extra elements and I will definitely be looking forward to seeing the DVD. Alex and Marissa Murphy are two young filmmakers from Michigan that have a series on YouTube.  After spending a considerable amount of time watching 500 episodes of there channel "Ricky Shore Sings the Blues" I had to see this as its the swan song to the series and basically RSStB The Movie.


The movie follows Alex & Marissa's life along with their daughter Town.  Alex is struggling with his calling in life so decides he wants to become a YouTube Star. As Alex enters the world of the Internet and becomes a YouTube superstar both Alex and Marissa's relationship gets put into an extreme strain as Alex breaks loose and struggles to see what is fantasy and what is reality.

Everything involved with this film is done by Alex and Marissa as far as filming, editing, effects and packaging which is surely a tireless job but pay's off magically. This is clearly an extension of an already fun and successful YouTube show "Ricky Shore Sings the Blues". You can see from the couple that their chemistry is perfect and it’s like they were born to do this kind of thing. There are elements that due to time and budget that prevent them from doing a lot of things, but that does not sway you away from the movie in the slightest.


As it progresses through the 1 hour and 27 minute runtime (Rough Cut Edit) the character that Alex portrays is quite creepy and haunting as we view his demise from sanity.  Many of the scenes are quite weird and chilling giving you a insight into the mind of someone that is willing to do ANYTHING and to become Internet famous.

There are times in Pain Shack where you feel you are watching a chilling masterpiece that couples the scenes and soundtrack giving it a really atmospheric and creepy edge.
To be honest it has to be seen as words cannot describe this film. Overall for their first full feature you can see all of the effort, heart, soul, and endless amount of sweat and tears that went into the making of Pain Shack.


9/10 - If you love independent films with a twist see this because it has been one of the most raved about indie releases of 2015. Also keep an eye out for their follow up  film "Blowing Raspberries" coming soon.

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