Monday, 20 July 2015

PILLS: Short Film Review…A Junkie’s Addiction Gets A LOT Worse


So, I didn’t have a lot of background on this flick, but was excited to give it a watch as I have heard of Dark Hearts Productions, and they have put out some good shorts in the past.
The short starts with the lead (Russell) clutching at straws and calling on a friend/dealer for a next hit…so he is provided with some pills, but warned “These are big, so only take half of one”. This warning is clearly advised due to the complications/after effects that they will have…
…we cut to the next day (literally — NEXT DAY, in big letters) not knowing how much is taken or consumed, we are shown our protagonist awake, not really sure what to do with himself or the thoughts and visions and mind frame he is in…he goes outside, and this is where the visions start…
He clearly isn’t in the right frame of mind or psyche, because we see some really haunting and violent visions of his hands covered in blood, dead bodies, and a hammer… so is this a crime that has been, or is to be committed?
Crunched over in pain/angst, thinking what to do with his life, our lead takes off his hat and jacket and stands in front of a river — is he contemplating his actions, or what has happened?
Who knows as the short ends.
At a mere three-and-a-half minutes, it is such a perfectly made short; full of vivid images, suggestive thoughts, and music that fits perfectly within it.  The production values and locations are such that it fits the films atmosphere perfectly, everything felt fitting for the title, and was really impressive.  I am looking forward to more of Richard’s work in the future.
I will say is again there is limited dialogue, and the movie is set all in black and white — but neither of these take anything away from the short.
Saying that it was really suggestive and really effective, I feel a lot of people could easily relate to this, given the nature and subjects included in the story.
On the whole, I couldn’t say a bad word about this, and I am totally looking forward to more in the future from these guys.

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