Saturday, 25 July 2015

Interview of John Lauterbach of Androgynym 2015 (Movie of the Year?)

John Lauterbach of the 2015 Movie Androgynym it is still in the editing process but is literally out asap everyone needs to find this movie as it is nothing you will ever see ...

Matt : I recently had the opportunity to review Androgynym and I was blown away the story was phenomenal where did the ideas for this come from ?

John: Thanks for the review! The response we’re gotten so far has been pretty incredible. About four years ago Nick and I were working on a bunch of short films for YouTube in a tiny mountain town a couple of hours outside of Los Angeles. I was promoted my first day on set to a job for which I was totally unqualified… It did not go well. At the same time Nick got himself into a little tryst with a girl who may or may not have been part of the crew. He was terribly disappointed with himself and decided he may as well cut his dick off. I was terribly disappointed with myself and thought I would never work professionally again. Somehow out of that situation our idea for Androgynym was born. It sounded really funny and campy at the time… Somehow it ended up being a drama by the end…

Matt: You recently attended Slaughter in Syracuse how was the experience and hopefully next year you will be guesting ? ...

John: Attending SinS was a great experience. I drove about twelve hours to get there without tickets or a room booked at the hotel, which of course was totally full by then. About a week before the festival I was messaging with Alex Murphy and told him I was thinking about just showing up. He told me I may as well and said someone would probably let me crash in their room. So I did it. Alex was right, I was taken in by the folks at SinS, given food and shelter, it was amazing. The people up there were just amazingly caring, to the point that they took in this good old boy from North Carolina and made sure he was taken care of for no reason at all. As for next year, let’s just say there are talks in the works but I can’t confirm anything yet

Matt: So everyone clearly isn't born with the ability to be a filmmaker, any previous stories u can tell from your past that has brought u to today ?

John: I have so many stories about having to deal with roadkill on set that I love to tell… But no, nothing specific. Nick and I have failed a lot. We have made a ton of total shit garbage, both separately and together. We are both the types that seem to have to learn every lesson the hard way, and we have the scars to prove it. Literal scars!

Matt: So with the release of Androgynym, everyone's question is will the animated short be included on the disc ?

John: We have a ton of special features planned for a full release… But are not as of yet quite ready to say what they are going to be…

Matt: So do you have favourite directors in the indie community and why ?

John: I got into underground horror the same way I think a lot of the current fans did, I caught Slaughtered Vomit Dolls and Scrapbook when they were on Netflix and AU Mordum when there was and illegal rip of the film on Google play or something, (yes I bought it later.) I was fascinated with the concept of what those filmmakers were able to convince people to do for what I assume was very little to no money. I still am actually. I don’t think I could ever get people to do some of the things the Vogels or Valentine has done. These days I am really loving the new crowd that has joined the fray, it seems like underground horror is going in new directions, that gore has sort of run its course, there just doesn’t seem to be many new attrocities to show the audiences anymore. I got to see Pain Shack and Tantrum for the first time at SinS and fell in love with both films and their directors, I am also a big fan of Luke Ramer and the work he is doing. 

Matt: Finally other than releasing Androgynym on dvd/blu etc what is on the horizon for you ?

John: Nick and I are always cooking up something new. We are almost ready to start filming another puppet feature, which will probably take a year to shoot, of a script Nick has been working on for about ten years called Mutants Ok. Nick is also working on a Christmas film called Cookieland, which he promises to be a holiday movie for the fuck you generations I am working on finishing a script for a Mormonsploitation film I’ve been working on for ages called Flowin, and have a concept in the works titled Sociopath, a love story. And I am also designing some special effects for an upcoming film written and directed by Luke Ramer, but I don’t know how much he wants me to talk about it…

It was well and truly a honor to get a little inside the mind of the freshest new director/producer on the scene at the moment.

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